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“Beware, young Anlón. One day we shall meet in battle. In you, I will find my greatest obstacle for the throne, but first, you must survive the wrath of your king.” — Eiríkr Blóðøx

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Hi! Welcome to my online home.

I’m Arielle Lyon, previously Alexa Wayne, author of The Lord Impaler Series and The Liberty Series, and the upcoming Fay Retell Series and A Dark Ages Story. I’m spending my nights as a nocturnal artist, writing my novels and outlining new stories.

The most recent outlining of a series takes place in the 900s, in the early kingdoms of Ireland, Scotland and France. Forgotten princes among names we know.

My love for horror is bringing the most obscure the Dark Ages has to offer. But not only the Middle Ages can be scary. The darkest nightmares born from Fairy Tales we forgotten can also wake up fears and terrors.

The OCD Artist,

The Dark Ages Are Rising…Again

“The witch said in the bottomless pit, all would fall. Because no one can love a soulless man with an icy heart.

In the original tale of Bluebeard, a set of key is given to his new wife before he leaves for an unknown amount a time.

When giving the keys to his wife he gives her the permission to go anywhere in his castle except that one room locked with that one special looking key.

A disowned prince torn between fates. His fate is not in Ireland for he was born a Dane or so he thinks.

“I am Anlón son of King mac Cennétig of the Kingdom of Tuadhmhumhain and Queen Bé Binn inion Urchadh, Princess of the Uí Briúin Seóla and Queen of Thomond.

I am the rightful heir and prince you are looking for, so let these innocent pups go free. Or are you such cowards that you’d have your sword bathe in the blood of defenceless babes?”

What history taught us and what it left behind we can only imagine what happened to those without a story.

History Hides The Heroes But Their Bloodlines Are Alive

What readers say about Gravedigger…

The novel harkens by to Bram Stoker who is appropriately mentioned…The plot is gritty, violent, and even inhumane at times. Bordering on the line of grotesque.

World of Goth Magazine


A demonologist wants Hell.

“It takes a deranged mind to want to be possessed by me.”
— Beelzebub

Mrs. Blackwood

Let’s drag you into the pit of the night!

When Coralie Bellefleur is settling to write, the last thing on her mind is meeting vampires. Her entire world changes and her perspective on life shatters to pieces with one small change, she is “Mrs. Blackwood.”

A world filled with vampires, werewolves, lycanthropes, and blood donors is her reality. Surrounded by threats, betrayal, and constant fear for her life is a daily battle.

After all, she is the last descendant of the Orléans family and wife to Mr. Blackwood. But what does that mean?


Blood is life but also the door to what comes to pass!

Dr. Lyon is the vampireologist betrayed by her fellow scientific council when her proof that vampires exist suffers rejection.

A conspiracy on the rise, Clémentine creates her own crew and finds herself face to face with Vlad the Impaler.

What used to be a thrill to go hunt for ghosts in the night changed to a life threatening slasher-flick.

When all is said and done, Dr. Lyon’s only mission is to keep Vlad the Impaler alive, but at what price?

The Liberty Series - LSS Slicer by Alexa Wayne

LSS Slicer

Only one woman can save all time and space!

Let’s go to the 26th Century!

In the year 2510 a 21st Century woman named Cat. A. Combs becomes the biggest asset on the starship LSS Slicer.

In her DNA is the secret to the Greys’ most powerful technology to restore time.

Ultimately, she is the target of the most Dangerous evil force out there.

Her Mission: Stay alive and FIGHT!

The Lord Impaler Series
Book Trailer

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What to expect in the series from Arielle Lyon

Arielle Lyon writes one genre, Horror, but the sub-genres go from Paranormal, Historical Fiction to Provocative Romance. However, all of them have some horror within the pages.

The Satan Series

One demonologist turned exorcist welcomes demons into her body to gain knowledge but slowly Hell is growing inside and she is changing caught in between.

The Silverblood Series

Everything must begin with one vampire to make another. But sometimes vampires need more than immortality to win over all.

The Lord Impaler Series

We have all come to believe that legends and folklores are what the words say they are but what if they were real? What if your hero never died?

The Dementaphobia Series

Aurora is a famous horror author with a dark past but a young movie star brings hope when she fears she is losing her sanity.

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