Arielle Lyon

I want to visit Hell

We are nine circles deep and Satan’s wings are only the beginning.


Blood is life but also the door to what comes to pass!

Dr. Lyon is the vampireologist betrayed by her fellow scientific council when her proof that vampires exist suffers rejection. A conspiracy on the rise, Clémentine creates her own crew and finds herself face to face with Vlad the Impaler.

What used to be a thrill to go hunt for ghosts in the night changed to a life threatening slasher-flick.

When all is said and done, Dr. Lyon’s only mission is to keep Vlad the Impaler alive, but at what price?

Mrs. Blackwood

Let’s drag you into the pit of the night!

When Coralie Bellefleur is settling to write, the last thing on her mind is meeting vampires. Her entire world changes and her perspective on life shatters to pieces with one small change, she is “Mrs. Blackwood.”

A world filled with vampires, werewolves, lycanthropes, and blood donors is her reality. Surrounded by threats, betrayal, and constant fear for her life is a daily battle.After all, she is the last descendant of the Orléans family and wife to Mr. Blackwood. But what does that mean?

The Lost Wings

When demonologist and exorcist Ariella Ó Rinn offers her body repeatedly to demons to host, she discovers that not only her body is changing but it makes it harder for her not to fall in love with the Devil…who lost his wings to someone who wishes to prove the Divine exist.

The Firsts

Vampires might be immortal but there is only so much sanity can take before snapping. In the middle of an uprising, Octavian finds himself to be the target of many other vampires and monsters but one human is ready to stand up for him.

The Ending Lands

Ánlon mac Cennétig is the son of one of Irish Kings ready to have his offsprings taken as royal prisoners. When abducted by Gaels to become a gallowglass, he is faced with the harsh truth of what his father did and the loss of his siblings.

Coming soon by Arielle Lyon

Arielle Lyon has new series for everyone to enjoy. While horror is at the heart, different themes are coming your way!

What Readers Say

The novel harkens by to Bram Stoker who is appropriately mentioned…The plot is gritty, violent, and even inhumane at times. Bordering on the line of grotesque.

World of Goth Magazine

What to expect in the series from Arielle Lyon

Arielle Lyon writes one genre, Horror, but the sub-genres go from Paranormal, Historical Fiction to Fairy Tales. However, all of them have some horror within the pages.

The Satan Series

Heaven and Hell have been fighting for eons but now a demonologist and exorcist must help close the Divine dimension so Hell doesn’t come.

The Silverblood Series

Everything must begin with one to make another. But sometimes vampires need more than immortality to win over all.

The Lord Impaler Series

We have all come to believe that legends and folklores are what the words say they are but what if they were real?

The Fay Retell Collection

A collection that revisits some beloved fairy tales and rarer ones with a darker side while keeping the magic.

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