Medieval Times Knights

A Dark Ages Story

A Dark Ages Story

A disowned prince is torned between two fates.

“I am Anlón son of King mac Cennétig of the Kingdom of Tuadhmhumhain and Queen Bé Binn inion Urchadh, Princess of the Uí Briúin Seóla and Queen of Thomond. I am the rightful heir and prince you are looking for, so let these innocent pups go free. Or are you such cowards that you’d have your sword bathe in the blood of defenseless babes?”

— Anlón, Bravery of Fate, A Dark Ages Story

A Disowned Prince

The story of the Cennétig goes back to the mid-nine-hundreds to Cennétig mac Lorcáin. However, not all who bore the name were brave and righteous. Some only wanted to watch the world burn in their honour.


Torn Between Fates

Prince Anlón of the Cennétig house, direct descendant of mac Lorcáin, was made a royal prisoner all his life. But it was not until he was entirely lost, that he found his path.

Homeward Bound

Anlón will learn to follow the path that will lead him far away from what he thought was his fate. However, never far enough from home, his past keeps coming back and defies his bravery to protect one soul.

“I found myself clued to the turn of every page with this story there are twists and turns, betrayal, danger and that’s just the beginning. The characters are well thought out and engaging. The storyline is intriguing and awesome.”


Medieval Times Knights

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