I am the dark fantasies taking roots in your head.
I am the wind blowing through your hair.
I am Arielle Lyon and horror is my fairy tale.

Fairy Tales: Fairy tales are stories dating as far back as when we were still drawing in caves. They are folklore passed down from generation to generation. They became short fables and metamorphosed into stories we now cherished. 

They know us. Fairy tales know dreams. They know magic. They are what forged most of us from centuries ago to this day. What makes fairy tales so unique is how love somehow always finds a way to bring either victory to the most unfortunate or plant a seed of evil in one so close to their happily ever after. But horror is always at its core because without it, there is not story worth telling.

My Story

Arielle Lyon grew up in the artistic and publishing world. She studied visual art as well as imaginative literature, classical ballet, acting, and storytelling.

Despite her introverted personality, Arielle decided to realize one of her secret dreams to create a fairy magazine that would reach out to all who had a passion for the tales older than time. That is when Gothic Bite Magazine was born.

Lyon’s first dream achieved, she then desired nothing more than to publish her novels series. Torn between two passions, she found a way to mix together fairy tales and history.

She made her place in the author world by believing she could do it as long as she followed the words, “One day I’ll be part of your world.”

“Wipe that blood off your mouth and put your fangs away, before I smack them off your mouth.”

Vladislav Tepes, ©The Lord Impaler Series

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