“Your highness! Your highness!” A guard shouted as he ran to the dock leading to the heir’s path to the kingdom of Merci. “News came from the Beaufort castle. The king’s health might have declined in your absence, but now it has reach madness! King Francis wants your head.” …

“The witch said in the bottomless pit, all would fall. Because no one can love a soulless man with an icy heart.”

The Witch, Bluebeard
Key Fairy Tale

An Enchanted Key

In the original tale of Bluebeard, a set of key is given to his new wife before he leaves for an unknown amount a time.

When giving the keys to his wife he gives her the permission to go anywhere in his castle except that one room locked with that one special looking key.

Door Lock Fairy Tale

The Enchanted Room

In the Bluebeard original fairy tale, the enchanted door and key held Bluebeard’s greatest secret he wanted to keep to
himself and no one else.

Once the key would touch the lock, it would be stained and it could never be cleaned again.

Princess Fairy Tale

The Queen

In the original tale of
Bluebeard, he marries a girl from the kingdom who had a sister and two brothers.

However, she never fell for him and rather thought of him as ugly and mean. She only marries him because of his belongings and richness. Of course, it did teach her quite a lesson.

The original fairy tale of Bluebeard was written by Charles Perreault and was often overlooked when fairy tales would be revisited. This retelling takes the heart of the story and reshapes it to give it a second breath.

— Pixel Fairy Tales

The new retell of
Bluebeard is a fairy tale with a strong voice and understanding of the universe it came from but adapted to our time. The changes are critical ones that gives the story heart and bravery.

— Gothic Bite Magazine

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