The Satan Series

“Do you think these nuns can save you if I take over your pretty healthy body?”

A demonologist turned exorcist welcome demons in her body to find Hell.

To understand the world of ©The Satan Series, one must first explore the world the characters live in. What drives each one of them and make them who they are even if it means going to hell.

It’s such a tragedy that you want to be possessed by me.



Open your mind if you dare to ©THE SATAN SERIES, where the road to terror is paved with unanswered dreams, tears, and blood of those in despair. But one exorcist is more dangerous than all monsters, and she’s coming for us all above and below.


The growling of a beast multiplied as the dry cracking lips of a pale ghost shell of what was left of the woman before her had the nuns praying the Holy Mary louder.

But Ariella wasn’t moving. The growling was more emphatic, and her lips didn’t move.

But words came out from deep within her throat. Ariella asked again, “Why don’t you take me, you, sick fuck?”

Demon - Horror

2nd excerpt coming


Demon - Horror

3rd excerpt coming


“But you must promise that this woman is to recover and won’t belong to you or any other demons.”


We must go deep. Nine circles deep.

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