The Silverblood Series

Opera Theatre

“I’m a civilized monster. I always present myself before I skin someone.”

A Vampire is wanted for his blood to prove he’s a Donor.

To understand the world of ©The Silverblood Series, one must first explore the world the characters live in. What drives each one of them and make them who they are even if they are monsters from other tales.

If you want me to be scared it’s not by having me dig my way to Hell.

Octavian Dascalu


Open your mind if you dare to ©THE SILVERBLOOD SERIES, where the road to terror is paved with unanswered dreams, tears, and blood of those in despair. But a wanted vampire is more dangerous than all monsters, and he’s blood comes at a price.

The Firsts

“Who sent you!” Octavian took a shot, “Who freed you!”

He kept asking but none of them answered. They zoomed right next to him to smell his skin which confirmed he was a vampire, yet their eyes showed concern.

They could tell he wasn’t like them despite showing his fangs and hissing loudly.

Octavian was an alpha and wouldn’t act any other way. “Killed, swamp m—”

That was enough, the smile and shrilled laugh confirmed his suspicion.

2nd excerpt coming


3rd excerpt coming


“That’s what inbreeding and years of rejection does, Octavian.” — Elisabeth Báthory

Silverblood Series, The Firsts, Elisabeth Báthory

“I am a xenophobe, not by choice but trauma.” — Elisabeth Báthory

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